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Why choose me?

I will make your job easier by asking the right questions before to make sure that my end result is exactly what you need - or better.

You won’t have a problem with sound quality. I have a professional set-up, excellent equipment and I know how to use it.

I offer a wide range of voices, languages and accents, and have international experience in many genres. It is more likely than not that I can provide you what you are looking for.

I can usually offer complimentary custom auditions for you to check whether my voice and delivery is indeed what you are after - saving you time and effort in the long term.

 I will do all I can to work within your budget. I like building            long-term relationships with people across the globe, and my affordable rates and flexibility are a key component of that.​

iI have an excellent network of male, female and child voiceovers in many languages. So if I'm not the right voice, I will likely know who is. This includes my daughter Beatrice, who is an experienced child voiceover 


Produced by Studio Mitchell

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